Image Maker and Brand Developer

The Brand Development Process--Positioning and Pricing.

Advertise and Make Something Happen Brand Developer

A Brand Developer Can Learn From Dog Marketing

This ought to scare a brand developer.

A brand developer proverb--"Advertise...duh!"

Rules for brand developers and image-makers

Brand Development Killers You Should Know If You're A Brand Developer

Brand developers what is your most important tool?

Do you need Brand-Aid?

Why should I want a brand

Be First or Be Different and Be a Successful Brand Developer

What is perception? How did it affect America’s “First Genius?”

The Art of Making Mistakes... part of brand development process

The brand development process--think like a 7 year old

Persistence--the secret to the brand development process

Brand Image Makers Differentiate

Clients don't know-- Rule 1 in brand development process

The brand development process --Tell me a story so I know your differentiation

Brand Developer--A simple idea and some humor may be all you need

The Paradox of Choice

How are you differentiating--A Quiz

Fast communications is visual in the brand development process

9 Steadfast Rules of Branding

What’s your idea? It’s the ultimate tool for the brand image maker.

Brand Development Process and The Biggest Reason Advertising Fails

Brand Image-Makers and Their 5 Fundamental Rules

Brand Development on a Budget

What is perception... decisions, decisions, decisions

What is perception and how does it work?

What is differentiation?

Brand Image-Maker—7 tactics to create successful marketing campaigns

The Brand Development Process

Your Personas and Your Brand

Masters of Marketing

Brand developers, what do you do after you get your name out?

Branding basics for a new business

Rate Your Brand Development Process With A Simple But Accurate Test

The brand development process begins with design

What is perception? What is differentiation?

The brand development is your image?

How to focus on your brand is about brand development

Creative Marketing That Sells

Creative Marketing--Steal like an artist, 10 things nobody told you

Creative Branding Begins With Frequency

Unique design may be the best way to create advertising that sells.

Image Maker Uses Simple Idea To Convey Message

Image and design are two of three essentials for a great brand

Creative Marketing Groups Ask Better Questions

Creative Packaging to Avoid Being a Generic Brand

Image Branding begins with your name

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